Teak (Sagwan)

Teak (sagwan) will not make you uncomfortable by holding either heat or cold. Metal and even plastic patio furniture will be burning hot when left in the sun.

Tissue Culture Teak (Sagwan)

Teak (sagwan) Tissue Culture is durable in all weather. Teak has a natural oil content and a dense grain that resists rot.

True Teak (Tectona Grandis)

True Teak (Tectona grandis) grows naturally in dry, hilly forests in Southeast Asia (India, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia.

Eucalyptus Plants

Eucalyptus is one of the fastest growing trees and is an excellent timber for paper and pulp, particleboard and hardboard industries.

Conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends

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Why Join Krishi Anusandhan Avam Prayavaran Sarankshan Samiti

K.A.A.P.S.S provides the best tissue culture Teak plants which provides the best income at the youngest harvest period of the teak tree i.e 7 to 9 years. K.A.A.P.S.S is a non proffitable organisation. teak wood exporter for the past 6 years. K.A.A.P.S.S exports teak with different size to the importer as in demand. K.A.A.P.S.S has its own laboratory which full fills the order of teak tissue culture plants to the farmers all over Haryana presently and very soon we are expanding our branches all over india and abroad.

We are also considering buy back policy of teak (sagwan) tissue culture wood.The best of K.A.A.P.S.S is the service part. As we have opend Krishi Anusandhan Avam Paryavaran Sanrakshan Kendre in different Cities Across Haryana, Our research of plants and services are unlimited . on call assistance, frequent visit from our technical team and Live Project Demo is also available.

Our vision is to promote development of forestry (Teak Plantation Eucalyptus Plantation, Poplar Plantation, Mahogany Plantation and fruit like guava, pomegranate, lemon and mango fruit plants also). We are one of the renowned organations which are in to supply of wood (teak, eucalyptus, poplar and mahogany) and fruits (like mango, lemon, orange grapes). As trees are important, valuable and necessary to our very existence.

It’s not too hard to believe that, without trees we humans would not exist on this beautiful planet. In fact, some claim can be made that our mother’s and father’s ancestors climbed tree- another debate for another site. Still, trees are essential to life as we know it and are the ground troops of an environment . Let’s face it, we could not exist as we do, if there were no trees. A mature leafy tree produces as much oxygen in a season as 10 people inhale in a year. What many people don’t realize is that the forest also acts as a giant filter that cleans the air we breath. Single Teak tree consume 142 kg carbon dioxide anually. Second benifit of planting teak trees is to improve self economy.

Cutting teak trees provide timber which can be sold out. The fact is that we should always maintain the cycle of planting and cutting of trees to maintain the ecological balance. Teak is known to be the king of timber as it has better economical value than other commercial trees. So we promote teak plantation for the betterment of nature for our survival as well as self economical development by producing king of timber i.e Teak.

Why Invest In Teak & Eucalyptus Plants :

Farming of Teak & Eucalyptus on Commercial Base Gives Huge Retrun.

100 Percent Safe Investment

By planting Teak you will get approximatily 10 to 12 cubic feet wood from one teak tree. The average value of teak is Rs. 2500 per cubic feet in indian timber market. So, you will get 12×2500 = Rs 30000 from 1 R.E.A teak tree. If you plant 500 plants in an acre you will get 500×30000=15000000.

By planting Eucalyptus Clones you will get wood nearly 300 to 400 kgs per tree. Per acre you need minimum 1200 to 1400 clones approximately. We give rough calculation here i.e per acre 1200 plants .On completion of 5th years you will get 300 Kgs per tree .So the total yield per acre is 1200 X 300= 360000 kgs i.e 360 matric tons per acre .The present market rate is Rs 6000 to 7000.

!!! Start Cultivation of Teak & Eucalyptus Plants in Your Agricultural Land Now !!!

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