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Teak & Eucalyptus Plants Supplier from India

We integrate Teak plantation Eucalyptus plantation in Andhrapradesh, Gujrat, Himanchal, Haryana, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Tamilnadu, Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttarpradesh, Madhyapradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, West bengal, Odisha, Maharastra and Karnatka. We have more then 50,000 farmers across india.

We are private limited companey based in Mumbai exporter of teak & safeda wood , wood timbers and timber wood products like timber boards, timber logs, board ply products, wooden margins and wooden laminated floorings we integrate farming of teak & safeda with buy back gurantee on stamp paper of Rs. 100 with registration from court of mumbai with current market rate of wood.

Why Join Krishi Anusandhan Avam Prayavaran Sarankshan Samiti

K.A.A.P.S.S provides the best tissue culture Teak plants which provides the best income at the youngest harvest period of the teak tree i.e 7 to 9 years. K.A.A.P.S.S is a non proffitable organisation. teak wood exporter for the past 6 years. K.A.A.P.S.S exports teak with different size to the importer as in demand. K.A.A.P.S.S has its own laboratory which full fills the order of teak tissue culture plants to the farmers all over Haryana presently and very soon we are expanding our branches all over india and abroad.

We are also considering buy back policy of teak (sagwan) tissue culture wood.The best of K.A.A.P.S.S is the service part. As we have opend Krishi Anusandhan Avam Paryavaran Sanrakshan Kendre in different Cities Across Haryana, Our research of plants and services are unlimited . on call assistance, frequent visit from our technical team and Live Project Demo is also available.


From the first call to the harvesting of mature trees, the team at K.A.A.P.S.S works with our customers to ensure that all questions are answered, and all needs are met. The following is a brief run-down of the investment process.


Over the phone, via e-mail or in person, we get to know the farmers and discover their need for investment in forestry. The process includes answering any questions you have, as well as helping to take iniciative in teak and euclaptus timber investment. Once the farmer is satisfied a registration amount is paid by the farmer to the Samiti’s account so that the Farmer is called up to be registered Farmer and there after We issue him KAAPSS Kisan Card and process for plantation starts.

Soil Identification

At any given time, the team of K.A.A.P.S.S visits to the clients’ place to take the sample of soil for testing, which is done in the laboratory. The report of soil test is delivered to the client within 4 to 6 working days by e- mail, post or by hand accordingly.

Site Preparation and Planning

Once the order is placed, K.A.A.P.S.S professionals advise the client to prepare the land for optimal tissue culture teak(sagwan) or euclaptus planting as according to the order placed by the Farmer. The advice includes clearing brush, securing fence lines, prepping the soil and fertilizing. Then, it’s time to plant the trees. The legacy has begun.

Maintenance Schedule

Before and during planting, K.A.A.P.S.S will create a uniform schedule for your plantation.We always provide training material which includes CD and written information in the brouchers . This material contains all the information regarding the maintenance of the plants. Still , if farmer needs any extra guidence K.A.A.P.S.S team finds the best solution ,after all we believe in farmers satisfaction. These actions are then performed when necessary. They include the consultation for fence maintenance, the clearing of undergrowth, trimming of plants and more.

Periodic Culling

The coordinated cutback of lesser trees then occurs at the following intervals: 3-5years, 5-7 years. The profits on the sale of these less mature trees will easily cover the maintenance cost of the plantation.


Depending on the strategies put forth at the start of the plantation, a harvest is performed after 7 years or more according to the demand of market or at clients’ will. Once again, with K.A.A.P.S.S the harvest time is entirely up to you i.e., the investor. If the market doesn’t suit your taste, you can hold on to the plantation as long as you like.

Teak (Sagwan) Plants

We get approximatily 10 to 12 cubic feet wood from one teak tree.
The average value of teak is 2500 rs per cubic feet in Indian timber market. So, we get 12×2500 = Rs. 30000 from one K.A.A.P.S.S teak tree.
If we plant 500 plants in an acre we get 500×30000= Rs.15000000.

Eucalyptus (Safeda) Plants

By platinting Eucalyptus Clones you will get wood nearly 300 to 400 kgs per tree. Per acre you need minimum 1200 to 1400 clones approximately. We give rough calculation here i.e per acre 1800 plants .On completion of 4th years you will get 300 Kgs per tree .So the total yield per acre is 1400 X 300= 420000 kgs i.e 420 matric tons per acre .The present market rate is Rs 6000 to 7000.

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Bharat Bhushan Thukral
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